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Coy's Care Consulting & Coaching

Coy's Care TRULY Cares

    Coy Archie Garrett, M.A.
  Certified Professional Coach
    1.408.590.2255 (CALL).

​​I consider myself to be genuinely caring, loving, supportive and very blessed.  I have a  passion to  serve and strive to Live My Life in My Purpose in Honor of My Dad.  With that being said, I  know I will  make a positive impact in your life with any of the Consulting or         Coaching options available ~ one to one, group, home study course, speaking or conference. I’m focused and I’m determined to provide quality service to you with all that I have. I want YOU to have a personal understand of the meaning of   ‘Coy’s Care TRULY Cares’. 

                                                                  Self-Love is a fundamental  necessity. 

I assure you that Coy’s Care  Consulting &  Coaching is the  answer for all things in  your  life   related to  Self-Love

Coy has over 20 years of experience as an Educator, Mentor,  Facilitator,  Speaker, Trainer, Community Leader, and  Advocate. Coy's Care Consulting &  Coaching was developed from Coy's natural ability to provide alternative  viewpoints that bring about life changing solutions. Her credentials include a  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts in Counseling, teaching credentials in Texas and California, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Youth, Parent and Family Coach.


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